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Here students perform “Caps for Sale” after predicting how many caps they can balance


Language Arts, Math  



Title – Caps for Sale
By – Susan Swan
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – K

Concept/Topic To Teach:

    Enjoying literature through creative drama and predictions of things that could happen.


    Teaching children that literature can be fun and that predictions can be made about events in stories just as in everyday life.


  • Students will listen to a story and then act it out employing creative drama and play
  • Students will predict how many hats a child can balance on his head and then test this hypothesis by actually putting hats on their heads.

Materials needed:

  • A copy of the book Caps for Sale
  • Many different kinds of hats
  • Music to play while walking around the room in their caps
  • Costumes and props for the play


  1. Teach the students a math lesson on prediction.
  2. Read the book Caps for Sale to the children and then discuss the story with them.
  3. Put on a play about Caps for Sale, allowing each child to have a part. Many of the characters will be monkeys and they will enjoy mimicking the monkeys.
  4. After the play and the prediction math lesson, the children will predict how many hats they can balance on their heads before the hats fall off. They will place several hats on their heads to see how many they can actually balance before the hats fall off. They will move around the room to music trying to balance the hats. After seeing how many hats fall off, they check back to their prediction to see if they predicted correctly.


  1. Observe and record the enjoyment and understanding of the story.
  2. Check to see how well the children understand and make predictions.

Other activities:

  • When studying the letter “M” for monkey, activities about monkeys and “M” could be used.
  • Bring in bananas for a snack to go along with the monkeys in the story.

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