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This multidisciplinary lesson centers on cookies and the letter “C”


Art, Math  


PreK, K  

Title – Cookie Jar
By – Chasity
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – Pre-K

Activity – Letter “C” — Cookie Jar

Curriculum Areas:

      Math – by counting cookies, talking about shapes, and helping with measuring in the recipe

      Science – in the cookie recipe they learn what you get when mixing all food products together

      Art – in the project they get to learn coloring and gluing skills

      Language – they will learn language skills as we go over colors, shapes and sing, while repeating them to me

      Library – we will be reading books, and the heading on the worksheet paper

    Music – they will learn a new song

Materials Needed

      – White construction paper

      (for the Cookie Jar and Letter “C”)

      – Brown construction paper

      (for the cookie “cut outs”, enough small cookies for the children’s project (70), and at least 10 large cookies, or how high the children can count for the math project)

      – Black marker to make dots on cookies for chocolate chips

      – One piece of purple, blue, green, brown, white, black, orange, red, and yellow construction paper. Cut square or rectangular 3-4 inch big shape out of each color. Use each shape to go over the colors with the children.

      – Crayons for the children to color the cookie jar.

      – Glue or glue sticks to glue the cookies on.

      – Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.(I was not able to make them there, so I made them at home, took them in, and include the recipe with their projects. We stapled it to the cookie jar, so the parents could make the cookies with the children at home.) (If your center or school has a place for cooking, you will need the materials for the Chocolate Chips cookies.)

      – The teachers were working on the letter “C” so I decided to do cookie jars. This was an original project of my own. I also drew both the cookie jar and the letter C.

      – The chocolate chip recipe came from a book –

    Alpha-Bakery Children’s Cook Book Gold Medal.

Time Needed:

    Letter “C” took about 5-10 minutes to color. Cookies Jar took about 20 minutes for them to color and glue on their cookies.


      1) I drew the letter C on a blank sheet of paper; I also drew a cookie jar on another blank sheet of paper. I made the number of copies I would need for the project.

      2) I cut 70 small circles and 10 large circles out of brown construction paper. I drew little dots on them to make the chocolate chips.

      3) I cut the rectangular shapes from each of the nine colors.

    4) I prepared the recipe for the cookie at home because I was unable to make it there. I also typed the recipe for the children to take home to do with their parents.

Developmental and Curriculum Goals:

      Some of the goals would be as followed:

  • To practice following directions
  • To practice using crayons and coloring skills
  • To practice gluing skills
  • To practice learning shapes and colors
  • To practice learning songs
  • To practice listening skills
  • To practice learning communication skills
    with other children
  • To practice math skills

Developmental Skills Necessary:

    For this project the child must be able to hold a crayon, use a glue stick or glue container. If you are cooking, the child has to be able to hold a spoon to mix or hold a measuring cup or spoon to measure (to be able to help you with the recipe).

Getting Started:

      During circle time I would begin by talking about “What are cookies?” “When do we eat cookies?” etc. Ask them questions about cookie jars and what we put in them. Then I will read “

Cookie Monster’s Book of Cookie Shapes

      ” and “

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree

    “. After reading them, we will discuss the books and what we read. Then we sang a song “Who Took The Cookies from The Cookie Jar.” (See attached paper) After the song we went over a little math project. I laid out the 10 large cookies and we counted them. We also talked about the letter C and the nine colors. I laid the colors out on the floor to help the children so they could identify them. We went over each color one by one. The color project also helped the children to decide what color they wanted to color their cookie jars.


    Gather all the children at the table, I gave them each crayons of the nine colors we discuss. We all colored our C for colors. Then we went into our cookie jars. First, we tried to help them write their names on their cookie jars by holding their hands and writing. They all choose a color of their choice to color their jar. After the children colored their cookie jar, they were allowed to pick up to seven cookies to put in their jars. There were two tubes of glue so they had to take turns gluing the cookies on.


    Through out this project I was working with the children on identifying the letter C. I had also worked with them on identifying what a cookie jar is, a cookie is, what shape a cookie is, what colors are, what were the shapes of the cookies in the book, and we also talked about other things that start with the letter C.

Extra Activities

      I read 2 books-

Cookie Monster and The Cookie Tree

      By Sesame Street

Cookie Monsters Book of Cookie Shapes”

      By Sesame Street
      I also sang a song with the children

“Who Took the Cookies”
(I wrote the song with some of the children’s names in it.)
“Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?”
_______took the cookies from the cookie jar.
Not me!
______ took the cookies from the cookie jar.,br>Not me!
______ took the cookies from the cookie jar.
— Just keep on repeating until all names have been used. Then end with…
No one took the cookies from the cookie jar — they’re all here!

Then you can count all your cookies.
(We then counted our cookies I made out of construction paper, after we were done, they made me sing the song again.)

      I also made cookies at home and handed out the recipe with their projects to take home.
    All these extra activities talk about cookies and cookie jars which is part of my activity. The recipe is a good activity. It is an excellent math activity for the children. The song is also good for language and communication skills.


    For clean up the children helped me pick up their crayons and put them in the bin. The staff washed their hands while I removed the rest of the paper from the table and cleaned off the table with disinfectant spray.


    For being good and part of the project, the children got to have some chocolate chip cookies for a snack. After the children had their cookies and milk, they cleaned up and went into free play for a while.
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