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Unit Comprehensive Assessment


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  



Title – Walls That Tell a Story Unit – Comprehensive Assessment
By – Donna Hennessy
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Math, Science, Social Studies,Computers/Internet
Grade Level – 5

Walls That Tell a Story Unit

I. Table of Contents

II. Curriculum Web of Activities

III. Narrative Rationale

IV. Timeline for Implementation of Lessons

V. Unit Materials and Resources

VI. Lesson Plans:

      Lesson Plan 1 –

Mapping Walls

      (Math, Social Studies)
      Lesson Plan 2 –

Building the Biggest Walls

      Lesson Plan 3 –

Virtual Exploration of Lascaux Cave

      Lesson Plan 4 –

Breaking Down Walls

    (Language Arts, Other)

VII. Unit Comprehensive Assessment

VIII. Culminating Activity-Field Trip

Walls That Tell a Story

VII. Comprehensive Assessment

    These assessment examples use both conventional and performance based tasks. Conventional assessments are typically a paper and pencil classroom test designed by the teacher which includes either fill-in-the-blank, short answer, matching, multiple choice or true/false questions. Here is an example of a conventional assessment using matching.

Conventional Assessment:

      Using photos included (note: teacher can readily find these pictures on the internet), match the names of the walls shown below to the correct photo:
      a. (PHOTO of the Berlin Wall)

      b. (PHOTO of Lascaux Cave)

      c. etc.

“I am called…”
The Great Wall of China: ___ Aborigine Wall Art: __
The Lascaux Cave in France: ___ The Western Wall: ___
Mahabalipuram’s Animal Walls: ___ Muslim Walls of Mecca: ___
Great Zimbabwe: ___ City of the Sun in Peru: ___
The Taos Pueblo: ___ Diego Rivera’s Murals: ___
Canadian Museum of Civilization: __ Vietnam Veterans Memorial: ___
Nelson Mandela’s Prison Walls: ___ The Berlin Wall: ___

Performance based assessment:

      Performance based assessment evaluates students based on their performance in completing a task. This is an example of a performance based assessment. The students must listen to the teacher-selected music and decide which culture it is from. The music can be obtained through either the public library or via Some of the CD’s I was interested in using (however, I have not yet listened to them) are:

Phases of the Moon: Traditional Chinese Music
Music and Song from Germany
The Most Popular Songs from Isreal
South African Legends

      Listen to the music the teacher plays and fill in the name of the wall this music would most likely be played around:
“I would most likely hear…”
Song #1 –     _______________________________________________________

Song #2 –     _______________________________________________________

Song #3 –     _______________________________________________________

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