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Unit Materials and Resources


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies  



Title – Walls That Tell a Story Unit – Resources & Materials
By – Donna Hennessy
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Math, Science, Social Studies, Computers/Internet
Grade Level – 5

Walls That Tell a Story Unit

I. Table of Contents

II. Curriculum Web of Activities

III. Narrative Rationale

IV. Timeline for Implementation of Lessons

V. Unit Materials and Resources

VI. Lesson Plans:

      Lesson Plan 1 –

Mapping Walls

      (Math, Social Studies)
      Lesson Plan 2 –

Building the Biggest Walls

      Lesson Plan 3 –

Virtual Exploration of Lascaux Cave

      Lesson Plan 4 –

Breaking Down Walls

    (Language Arts, Other)

VII. Unit Comprehensive Assessment

VIII. Culminating Activity-Field Trip


Walls That Tell a Story

V. Resources & Materials

Printed Materials:

  • The book Talking Walls by Margy Burns Knight
  • Webquest questionnaires for each child
  • Checklist for group objectives in the lesson plan “Building the Biggest Walls”
  • Miniature cutouts and laminated pictures of the following walls:
    • The Great Wall of China
    • Aborigine Wall Art
    • The Lascaux Cave
    • Western Wall
    • Mahabalipuram’s Animal Walls
    • Muslim Walls
    • Great Zimbabwe
    • The City of The Sun in Peru
    • The Taos Pueblo
    • Mexican Murals
    • The Canadian Museum of Civilization
    • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
    • Nelson Mandela’s Prison Walls
    • The Berlin Wall

Computer Materials/Internet Access:

  • Access to the computer lab
  • Webquest site programmed in the favorites keys:

Community Resources:

  • Schedule of “The Moving Wall” to plan our field trip to the replica of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial
  • Access to buses for the field trip

Miscellaneous Materials:

  • Construction paper
  • A large appliance box (TV or refrigerator)
  • Straws
  • Tape dispensers
  • Rulers
  • Giant world map (that can be layed on the floor)
  • Calculators
  • Pencils
  • Tackey


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