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Students create a topic specific newspaper here using a template


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  


4, 5, 6, 7  

Title – Create a Newspaper
By – Scot Booth
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Math, Social Studies, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4 – 7


      This fun, student-centered activity allows you to differentiate, while students practice research skills and integrate technology for excellent cross-curricular areas. This lesson has been used in language arts, social studies, and math. Credit given to

    for their outstanding and unique newspaper templates. The templates come with a minor fee, but they saved us work, frustration, and provided the differentiated levels we could not find with other templates.


  1. Anticipatory Set: Organize students into groups. Pass out newspapers. Tell students to try to identify the sections of the newspaper. Then teach the students the different sections, title roles, and vocabulary of newspapers by physically looking at them using a SMARTboard.
  2. Teacher instructs students on the writing style of the “Five Ws” (who, what, where, when, why) by analyzing the lead paragraph in local newspaper and/or online newspaper articles. Highlight the parts using different colored highlighters on paper copies or the highlighter tool if using computer.
  3. List a set of newspaper topics (Shakespearean England, Ancient Greece (Odysseus, Greek myths, Olympic sports), performing arts, science, current events, etc.) or let students choose their own. After students choose or are given a topic, break them into “newspaper groups” for creating their own newspaper. Tell them to first develop their paper’s name.
  4. Then each member is assigned a section of the newspaper using the roles they learned in step 1. Each student is responsible for writing the article. Obviously, time periods in history works well for a topic, like the Roaring 20s (Great Gatsby) or the 1950s, but you can also get creative. For instance, some groups were given specific math concepts, for which they had to create news stories! This isn’t considered fluff because students must understand the concepts in order to write a logical story, and exhibit effective research and writing skills on computers.
  5. Groups research, if applicable with topic, and write articles.
  6. To avoid wasting time on non-writing issues, students used pre-built newspaper templates found on . This site lets you choose your page size and the story length appropriate to your age group. Additionally, as students write their story, the writing flows automatically from column to column, which helped immensely. Each group writes their story (or copy/paste) inside the template. We put our template on the school’s network, allowing students easy access.
  7. When newspapers are completed, you can email them or upload them onto various sites, like your school’s webpage, and even print and post them on the wall. Select the large 11×17 size, if you plan to display the newspapers. They look fantastic!

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