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This multidisciplinary unit focuses on the significance of Martin Luther King Day and the civil rights movement


Art, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – The Importance of Martin Luther King Day
By – Crystal Moore
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Math, Science, Social Studies, Art
Grade Level – 9-12 with mild to moderate learning disabilities

Lesson Summary

    The purpose of this lesson is to focus on the significance of Martin Luther King Day and how the civil rights movement has become the most momentous event in American history. This will occur through an instructional unit with an emphasis on Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Life Skills, Science, and Art.

Anticipatory Setting

    Teacher asks the students, “Who is Martin Luther King and why do we have a special day to honor him?”

Focus and Review

      Focus and Review for Social Studies

        Review who was Martin Luther King.

        Discuss the civil rights movement.

        Discuss discrimination and segregation.

        Listen to the speech “I Have A Dream.”

        Review where to locate the state of North Carolina on a map.

        Review the United States flag.

      Focus and Review for Math

        Review how to use graph paper.

        Review how to make predictions.

      Focus and Review for Life Skills

        Review how to set the table.

        Review jobs related to setting a table.

        Review role-playing.

      Review foods from various countries.


  • To learn the importance of the Martin Luther King Day holiday.
  • To learn how to read a short story and then answer comprehension questions on Martin Luther King.
  • To learn how to write three complete sentences.
  • To learn how to locate the prices of an item.
  • To learn how to add with a decimal.
  • To learn how to predict and graph items.
  • To learn how to properly set a table.
  • To learn how to operate a stove and microwave with/without assistance.
  • To learn how to solve problems without violence.
  • To learn how to locate North Carolina on a map and other familiar states.
  • To learn how to complete an art project independently or with minimal assistance.

North Carolina Extensions of the Standard Course of Study

      Competency Goal 1

        English/Language Arts: Grade 10

        • The learner will explore and express reflections and reactions to print and non-print multi-cultural/world text
        • TLW comprehend print and non-print multi-cultural expressive multi-cultural/world text
        • TLW communicate reactions orally and in writing to multi-cultural/world text and experience

        Mathematics: Grades 9-12

          Data, Analysis, and Probability
        • TLW collect, organize and display data to solve problems (goal is to use graphs and data — scatter plots, bar graphs, line graphs, tally, stem and leaf plots, pictographs, Venn diagrams, circle graphs, line plots, tables)

          Number and Operations

        • TLW develop number sense for real numbers
        • TLW Develop flexibility in solving mathematical problems by selecting strategies and using appropriate technology

      Competency Goal 2

        Science: Grades 9-12

      • The learner will develop an understanding of the physical, chemical and cellular basis of life
      • TLW comprehend the maintenance of homeostasis (process of biological balance — temperature, blood, sugar, salts, pH, etc.)

Instructional Media and Materials:

    Paper, pencil, pen, work table, calculator, whole punch folders, and worksheets

Lesson with Guided Practice Activities:

      Language Arts

        Students will read a short story on Martin Luther King (MLK).

        After reading the story, the teacher will ask comprehension questions.

        Teacher will discuss important events related to in the short story.

        Students will sequence important events in the story. Teacher and Teacher Assistant (TA) will provide assistance.

        Students will cut and past weekly spelling words related to the MLK unit.

        Students will write down 3 dreams and how to accomplish them. Teacher and TA will provide assistance.

        Students will listen to I have a dream and lift a flash card when they hear a vocabulary word.


        At a store, students will locate an item, find the price tag, and then write the price down. Teacher and TA will provide assistance.

        When they return back to school, the students will compute the total. Teacher and TA will provide guidance.

        Students will cut and paste a freedom bus.

        Students will add/subtract items related to the freedom bus.

        Next, students will graph items related to people of color.

      Life Skills and Science

        Teacher will discuss food of various countries and how all people of color come together to eat.

        Teacher and students will discuss foods from different countries.

        Compare and contrast weather from various states.

        Teacher, TA, and students will role-play how to solve conflicts without violence, the concept of discrimination, and prejudice.

      Social Studies

        Teacher will discuss the map of the United States.

        Students will study the map of United States.

        Teacher will discuss the state where MLK was born, moved to, and where he was assassinated.

        Teacher will discuss how to use a use a stove and microwave.

        Teacher, TA, and students will cook a freedom pizza.


        Teacher will discuss the importance of peace on earth.

        Teacher and TA will offer assistance in making a peace dove.

      Student will complete unity wooden faces of many colors.

Independent Practice:

      Worksheets on short story

      Write down 3 dreams

      Cut and paste spelling words

      Complete computer assignments

      Add/Subtract items

      Complete Art activity

    Locate price tag

Evaluation Activity:

      Teacher Observation

      Computation equations

      Spelling Test

    Written exercise

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