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This lesson on Venn Diagrams uses the book “A Promise is a Promise”


Language Arts, Math  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Venn Diagrams
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Language Arts, Math
Grade Level – 2-4
Lesson #2

Data Summary

I will be teaching this lesson in a second grade classroom. The point of this lesson is to introduce children to the idea of comparison through venn diagrams. Children will compare two stories using a venn diagram.

Broad Goal

The Illinois state goal that this lesson fulfills are State Goal 1: Read with understanding and fluency, Part A; 2: Read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras and ideas, Part B; 5: Use the language arts to acquire, assess and communicate information, Part B.


* Students will be able to use venn diagrams in a variety of situations
* Students will understand how to draw information from a story for understanding
* Students will know how to compare and contrast


I will assess the students based upon my observation of them working in pairs, as well as the venn diagram that the pair produces.


WHOLE- I will read the book, A Promise is a Promise, aloud to the class.
PART- I will introduce the concept of comparing and contrasting to the students. I will show them what a venn diagram is.
WHOLE- I will read the story, Pigs, aloud to the class. I will tell the children to listen for things they can compare or contrast with the first story we read. They will fill out venn diagrams comparing the two stories.


1. I will introduce and read the book, A Promise is a Promise, aloud.
2. I will ask them if they can find any similarities or differences between this story and any other stories we’ve read.
3. I will draw a venn diagram on the board and show children how to use it to compare and contrast two different things.
4. As a class, we will complete a venn diagram using apples and oranges.
5. I will tell the children that we will read another story by the same author, and we will complete a venn diagram to compare the stories.
6. I will read the story, Pigs, to the class.
7. I will break the class into pairs and pass out a venn diagram to each pair. I will instruct the students to fill out the venn diagrams to compare the books.
8. When they are finished, the children will combine their ideas to make a large venn diagram on the board.


A Promise is a Promise and Pigs, by Robert Munsch; chalk; venn diagrams; pencils


I will ask myself if the children seemed to understand the lesson. What are the negative and positive aspects of my lesson? What would I change about the way I taught the lesson? Did I cover what I wanted to cover? Is there anything I could change for the next time I teach this lesson?

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