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Aims Sure Count


Language Arts  


5, 6, 7  

Title – Aims Sure Count
By – Brenda Lipkowitz
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Multidisciplinary
Grade Level – 5-7

This lesson demonstrates core information and is designed to assist in introducing, practicing, and reinforcing reading/study skills. It is usually presented in a language arts format. However it is readily adaptable to lessons across curricular areas.

Each of the thinking skills should be developed independently in an incremental fashion. The resulting acrostic poem creates a viable mental resource for easy reference.

A Association=brainstorming
I Interpretation=point of view
M Main Idea=what it’s all about
S Sequence=in order

S Summary=in a nutshell
U Usage=mean apply it
R Reasoning=logic & sound thinking
E Evaluation=making judgments

C Cause & Effect=first this, then that
O Outlining=prioritizing in groups
U Underlining=underscore key words
N Note taking=keeping a study record
T Translating=changing the words to fit right

From The Poetry of Learning
Created by Brenda D. Lipkowitz

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