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Here’s a Class Memories Christmas Ornament idea


Language Arts  


2, 3  

Title – A Whole Class Memory Ornament
By – Sue E. Jones
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2-3
Compare and contrast different Christmas experiences in the class.
Write about your personal favorite Christmas memory.

1. Ask the children to describe a normal day in a list format
2. Ask the children to describe a holiday day and compare how it is different from a normal day with a Venn diagram
3. List the children’s favorite holiday traditions.
4. You could spend a day having parents and students demonstrate foods and traditions.
5. Ask for their favorite memory of Christmas. Write it on a large tablet for each student.
6. Create a very large circle of construction paper, 3-4 feet across. It could resemble a tree ornament. Section it off so each student has a part of the pie. (potential for math lesson.) Then let each child decorate his section and write his favorite memory. His name should be in this in large letters. They can use crayons, markers, use glitter, paint, collage or any other art medium to decorate their wedge. Laminate and hang for the Holiday. Everyone will enjoy reading this especially your students.

You may want to consider making two large circles and cutting one of them into slices so that each student can have a slice and they can all work on it together.

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