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This lesson looks at the Poetry of Music


Language Arts, Music  


7, 8, 9  


Title – Poetry of Music
By – Eric Blackman
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 7-9
Concept/Topic to Teach: Poetic Devices
General Goal: The learner will respond to various literary genres using interpretive and evaluative processes.
Specific Objectives: 5.02-Study the characteristics of literary genres- poetry.
Required Materials: Lyrics of songs and an ELA textbook.
Anticipatory Set: Generate discussion by pointing out that most songs use the poetic device of rhyme.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. The teacher must decide what poetic devices are to be introduced in the lesson.
2. Find lyrics of songs with these devices in them.
3. The device is reviewed in class.
4. Instead of illustrating the device by poems used in the textbook, the teacher will illustrate the device through a song.
5. Some poetic devices are not easily found in songs, such as concrete poems. The teacher may chose to introduce the device and have students reform the song so that it fits the criteria for the device.

*NOTE: I used the lyrics of the Beatles “White Album.” It went very well. Especially, with those students who were not much into poetry in the first place. I even won-over some anti-Beatle students.

Plan For Independent Practice: Have students write their own songs with the poetic devices in them.
Closure: Review various poetic devices using rhyme as the first concept.
Assessment Based On Objectives: Have students analyze a song(s) for various poetic devices.
Adaptations For Students With LD’s: Use lyrics of nursery rhymes.
Extensions For Gifted Students: Have the lesson based on lyrics that they find.
Time: Indefinite.

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