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This language arts/music lesson uses instruments to add tone color to literature (features the “og” sound)


Language Arts, Music  



Title – Adding Tone Color to Literature with Instruments
By – Erin Jackson
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 1st Grade (SPECIFIC!!)

Jog, Frog, Jog
Literacy Lesson for 1st Grade

Note from If you do not have Scott Foresman Reading Books, maybe you could adapt the idea of using musical sounds to add tone color to another story.

Materials Needed:

      Scott Foresman Reading Book,

Take a Closer Look

      (pp.150 – 157)


      Words listed on Sentence Strips (frog, log, dog, fog, jog, day, night, water)


      Guiro (Frog)


      Temple Blocks / Bells (Jog)


      Cymbals (Day)


      Drums (Night)


      Claves (Dog)


      Wind Chimes (Water)


      Shakers/Maracas (Fog)


    Wood Blocks (Log)

Anticipatory Set:

      Read the story

Jog, Frog, Jog

    from the 1st Grade Scott Foresman Reading Series. Have sentence strips ready for discussion. Have the instruments ready in groups to be played.


      Discuss story with students. Talk about the “og” words in the story (Frog, Jog, Dog, Fog, Log) and show sentence strips. Tell the students that each of these words will have an instrument that will be played every time the word is read. Discuss each word and the instrument that will go with that word. Show the instrument and demonstrate how it is played. Then select a student to play each instrument. (If you have more than one of these instruments allow the students to sit in a group to play on their word.) Add the words night, day and water for color in the story.
    Once students are seated in their groups in resting position, get the book out to read. Tell the students that they need to have the instrument READY to play on their word, but not any other time. Read the story giving time for instruments to play on given words. If time allows you can let the students switch groups to allow each student to play each instrument.


    Have students discuss how their instrument represented their word. (Ex. Guiro “croaks” like the frog, Wind chimes “sparkle” like water, etc.) Explain that this is called Tone Color. Review the “og” words for reinforcement.

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