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In this multidisciplinary idea, students recreate Romeo and Juliet in a different time and place


Art, Language Arts, Music  



Title – Romeo and Juliet — different time and place
By – Mahwish McIntosh
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Music, Art
Grade Level – 9

While reading Romeo and Juliet , students will work in small groups of 3-4 to recreate the play in a different time and place. For example, my students have chosen to set the play on the planet Mars in the year 3000, others have chosen the roaring 20’s. Main characters are renamed. Students then have to create a soundtrack (burn a CD) with 5 songs, one song representing each Act and the time/place chosen. Then students design and sketch 2 costumes for 2 main characters, explaining why certain colors/fabrics were chosen. Finally, students have to act out an important scene from their new and improved version of the play (no more than 3-4 minutes). For all parts of the project, every element must be time/era appropriate and students are graded on creativity and cooperation within the group.

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