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In this lesson, song lyrics are corrected for grammar and punctuation


Language Arts, Music  


7, 8, 9  

Title – Grammatically Correct
By – Bob Urbani
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 7-9


  1. Have students bring in the lyrics to a popular song or one of their favorite songs. Songs cannot have bad language or double meanings.
  2. Discuss why they chose their particular song. Did it have a special meaning for them or did they just like the beat?
  3. Discuss if the group or performer wrote the song? ( Will be listed on lyric sheet attached to CD. )
  4. Discuss what the song is about. Does it have a meaning? Did they see the video that went with the song? If so, how did the video convey the meaning of the lyrics?
  5. Have a printout or have students write lyrics on the board – then grammatically correct words and punctuation.
  6. Discuss if the corrected song still can convey the meaning of the lyrics. How did the corrections change the meter of the song? Introduce and compare meters. ( Iambic pentameter, etc. ) Maybe throw in a little Shakespeare?
  7. Ask student to create their own version of the song or the meaning of the song with proper grammar and punctuation.
  8. Use a rubric to grade.

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