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Improve Listening Comprehension with Music


Language Arts, Music  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Improving listening comprehension in an entertaining way
By – Burcu Alkan
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 9-12
*** This the lesson plan I prepared as an assignment at the university I am studying at…
Level of the Class: Advanced
Number of the Students: 35 (can be applied to different amount of students)
Text Book/Unit: Not Available
Class Period: 45′
Overall Objectives of the Lesson:

·          Ability to understand the language in its natural use
·          Ability to comprehend dialects/daily/informal versions of the language
·          Ability to grab the wanted/specific parts of the text during listening
·          Ability to talk about what is comprehended from the text

Behavioral Objectives:

·          Students will be able to comprehend the language in use within a more enjoyable activity
·          They will be able to comprehend non-perfect/informal/daily language with dialects/idiomatic uses etc…
·          They will be able to get the wanted parts of the lyrics to fill in the blanks/choose appropriate words within the songs
·          They will able to discuss and state their ideas about the subject of the songs and will learn to support the ideas that they have stated with reliable evidence
Approach and Methods: Eclectic Method
Techniques: Fill in the Blanks, Choose the Appropriate Word, Discussion, Group Work
Materials: Cassette, Tape Recorder, Posters, Flash Cards, Worksheets (descriptions of the worksheets for you to create are included below)

***We are assuming that the students are advanced level, at the age of 20s and they have been studying listening skills in the classic way of dialogues pre-recorded for their course in relation to their course books. So these activities are done just for comprehension and improving their communicative listening skills of natural language use. Therefore, no other skill is meant to be taught (such as vocabulary, grammar etc…) within the activities. The difference between the usual listening activities and this one is somehow getting their mind off the stress of learning and helping their improvement in a different, more enjoyable atmosphere.

Warm Up: Greeting and talking with students in a friendly way and with a smiling face.

T: Hi everyone! How are you today? What have you been up to since our last class?
S: …..
T: Today we are going to do something that I am sure we’ll all have fun and learn new things. It’s the first time we will do this and we will all see together if we can work this out good enough.
[Teacher puts up the two posters on the board to attract the attention of the students to the subject of the lesson: music. The images doesn’t have to match the songs brought to the class as they are just to provide visual interest among students.]
T: I am sure all of you like listening to music. Do you know these people on the posters? What’s your favorite kind of music? Who are your favorite musicians?
S: …..

Presentation/Pre-Listening: Introducing the activity and subject within a chat environment.

T: I like listening to Rock ‘n’ Roll music from 50s-80s and Reggae of the Jamaicans. Little bit of Rock, too. But today I brought you two of my favorite songs to listen to: Surfin’/The Beach Boys and Hey Bobba Needle/Chubby Checker. Do you know them? Have you ever listened any of the two?
S: …..
T: For those who know and like I am sure it’s going to be fun. For the one who don’t know it’s going to be a new and different experience. I hope they like them, too.
[Teacher delivers the first worksheet to the students]
T: Can you please read the lyrics once while I am preparing the cassette.
[Teacher sets the cassette while students read the worksheets.]

While-Listening: The students listen to the songs twice and do the exercises on the worksheet.

T: First I just want you to listen to the song once without worrying about the worksheet. I will give you the second chance for the exercise.
[Teacher starts the song “Surfin'”, students listen to it once.]
T: Now you will listen to the song for the second time and choose the appropriate word for each blank while listening. Any questions?
S: …..
[Teacher starts the song again and students fill in the blanks with the appropriate words in parenthesis]
T: Okay, don’t worry about the ones that you couldn’t catch. We will do them all together.
[Teacher goes through all the blanks with the students. Stops at the points that had confusions and discusses the answers with the students. When they are done with it teacher gives them the second worksheet]
T: Now the second song. You will again listen to it for once to get used to it and I will give you a second chance for the exercise. Please read the lyrics once before we start listening. Any questions?
S: …..
[When they read the lyrics, teacher starts the song “Bobba Needle”, students listen to it once.]
T: This time you will put in the missing words yourself. Try to catch as much as you can and don’t worry about the rest. Are you ready?
S: …..
[Teacher starts the song again and students fill in the blanks from what they hear.]
T: Let’s see what we could catch.
[Teacher goes through all the blanks with the students. Stops at the points that had confusions and discusses the answers with the students.]

Post Listening: Discussion of the students about their ideas and feelings about the songs they have listened to as an ending activity.

T: Well as we are done with the listening, let’s talk about them a little bit. But before we start I will hand you some cards that have some words and their meanings to assist you with your discussion. You can work in groups if you want.
[Teacher gives different flash cards to different students to make them work in groups.]
T: So, what do you think about the songs? Did you like them? Which one did you like the most? Why? Take a look at your cards and discuss with you friends in the group without making too much noise.
[When the teacher sees that the students are ready, s/he starts the discussion among the students in class. S/he just listens to them, answers their questions if any. Basically just guiding them through their discussion till the end of the class. Gives the posters away if there are any students that want them.]
***Flash Cards include words such as: Lyrics, melody, beat, rhythm, tone etc… (5 cards-7 of each=35 in total)
***Worksheets include the lyrics of the songs I choose (in one of them some of the words are missing, in the other one there are optional words that students have to choose from)
***Posters can be any musical posters (singers, concerts, instruments etc…)

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