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Here’s a brief idea for Verbs and Adjectives called “My Favorite Things”


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – “My Favorite Things”

By – Randi Lynn Mrvos

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 2-5

Objective: to practice using verbs and adjectives

Materials: Paper, pencil

Ask the students to bring their favorite toy or book to class


Draw a line with chalk down the center of the blackboard dividing it in half. On one side write VERBS and on the other side write ADJECTIVES. Review the definition of a verb. Ask each child to name a verb. Write it under the Verb column. Review the definition of an adjective. Ask each child to name an adjective. Write in under the Adjective column.

Have each student write a short paragraph about their favorite toy or book using as many verbs and adjectives from the blackboard. The more they use, the funnier the story. Ask them to read them aloud.


Randi Lynn Mrvos


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