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A Language Arts Lesson Plan on Nature


Language Arts, Science  



   Michael Reynolds
EDUC 322

Modification of a Language and Development Lesson by :  LouAnn Sorensen
SUBJECT:  Language Arts, Science
TITLE: Objects in Nature
GRADE LEVEL: Kindergarten
        -some experience with the concept of nature
        -ability to verbalize ideas
        -The kindergarten students will identify objects in
	nature, using visual and verbal clues.
        -access to outdoors
        -box or container
        -pictures of common objects in nature
        -poster board or large sheet of paper

Raise your hand if you like to play outside. Today, we are going to learn more about some of the things that grow and live outside. We will even get a chance to pick up some things that we find outside.


1) Model the concept of nature for the children by giving a few examples of things found in nature. While verbalizing the examples, write them down on a large sheet of paper.

2) Ask students to raise their hands and give some other examples of things they find outside in nature

3) Lead the students on a ‘nature walk’, on which the students should each pick up one item from nature

4) Once back inside the class, students sit in a circle on the floor and all objects collected are placed in a box or container. Each child takes a turn at choosing one item out of the box and attempts to identify it. As a class, discuss the characteristics of each item (color, size, function, name, etc..).

5) Divide the children into small groups. Give each group a few items that were collected, along with visual pictures of the items. Have students attempt to match the pictures with the actual items.

6) Children gather as one group. Have children close their eyes, and hide each object around the room. Next, give verbal clues for each item and have one volunteer find each item based on the clues.


-Raise your hand if you can share one thing in nature that we learned about today. (Have children share, and help to focus them if needed). We learned about many things. When you go home today, tell your mom and dad all about the different things in nature that you learned about today. Tomorrow we will learn more about things in nature.


-Student participation and verbalization will measure mastery of the objective

-Each activity (using verbal and visual clues) will measure mastery of the objective


-In order to reinforce the concepts of vocabulary in nature, have students draw pictures of the various items collected

-Field trip to a local park or nature center

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