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Here’s an idea for establishing academic New Year’s reflections and resolves


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – New Year’s Reflection and Resolve
By – Sharon L. Fields
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-6

A new semester is a great time to establish some academic goals after reflecting on the past semester.

1) Suggest that the students note at least three areas where they excelled and three areas where they still need improvement. They each may need a graphic organizer such as a list, web, or chart of their own making. For primary students you may need to provide a more structured organizer.

2) Next, each student must decide how to improve in the three areas mentioned above, making notes on the organizer as he/she prewrites. The excel areas may be support for following drafts.

3) They should then write letters to themselves or to their caregiver(s), as they choose. This may be in the form of a persuasive letter, using the argument/solution method of persuasion. For example, “Mom, I realize that you think I am not serious, but I know that I can practice on . I will practice at least four times a week. Then you can check my scores to see my improvement.” They may use their excel areas to support their solutions. too. Use the writing process to bring these letters to publishing stage.

4) If possible place the completed letters in envelopes and mail them appropriately. If to themselves, they should be encouraged to put them in a safe place, like a “time capsule,” to check later for progress. Or better yet, you could mail them toward the end of the semester. This could be done for caregivers also, if you don’t mind filing them.

5) Primary students may need wider parameters — not just academic goals, but behavior, chores at home, etc.

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