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This is a cooperative learning language arts lesson plan on poetry


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Susan Johnson

Lesson Plan Subject: Language Arts

Lesson Plan Title: Poetry Co-op

The lesson plan:


Poetry Co-op

Purpose: Cooperative learning techniques familiarize class with dozens of poems.

Procedure: After lesson and test on poetic devices and figurative language, I assign each student one poem. I group the poems according to theme: love, death, war, nature, etc. Each group (4 or 5 in a group) discusses all the poems in their group to determine what theme they all have in common. They also must decide how each poet treats the theme differently and come up with reasons why.

Then each group presents their poems and leads the class in a discussion. They are required to read their poems aloud and use some kind of visual aids. (One group wore berets and brought in real coffee for a coffeehouse setting.) After all groups are finished, each student writes a critical analysis of his/her poem.

When finished, each student has studied his or her own poem in great depth, the poems in his/her group in some depth, and all the other poems in the class briefly.

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