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Another Language Arts lesson on rain forests


Social Studies  


4, 5  

Language Arts Lesson on Rain Forests #2

Sara Broughton

Title : A Walk Through the Rain Forest

Objective : Students will write a story about an imaginary walk through the rain forest.

Content Area : Language arts (writing)

Materials : “A Jungle Journey” reading (one copy per student), paper and writing utensils, other books for reference

Directions : Brainstorm on the chalkboard what students have learned about the rain forest (animals, products, plants, layers, etc.). Distribute the readings to the students and have them read it. After they are finished, discuss what types of things Vanessa saw and experienced on her walk. Ask the students to develop their own story about a walk through the rain forest. They can pretend to be tourists, scientists, natives or an animal. Instruct students to write about what they would experience using their senses as much as possible. Their stories should include references to animals, people, climate and plants found in the rain forest. In groups of three have the students briefly share their stories. Discuss as a class any similarities or differences in the stories.

Assessment/Evaluation : A rubric can be used to assess the students’ stories.

Adaptation : Students could make a book out of their stories by adding illustrations or the entire class could combine their stories to make one big book.

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