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Saving the Rain Forest


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5  

Language Arts Lesson on Rain Forests #3

Sara Broughton

Title: Saving the Rain Forest

Objective: Students will understand why rain forests are
being destroyed and reasons why we should try to save them.

Content Area: Language arts (speaking) and fine arts

Materials: Butcher paper, markers or crayons, and a pencil

Directions: Begin this activity by brainstorming on the
board the reasons for deforestation of the rain forests. Discuss
this with the class. Next, brainstorm reasons why we should save
the rain forests. Discuss with the class the disadvantages to
destroying the rain forest and talk about how the inhabitants
might feel. For the second part of this lesson have the students
make “Save the Rain Forest” posters. Their posters
should include why they should be saved and illustrations. The
posters should be eye-catching and convincing to other people.
Once the students have completed this they will each present
their poster to the class. Each child should explain their poster
and why they feel it’s important to save the rain forests. At
the end of the lesson you can provide the following addresses
of some organizations they can become involved in if they wish.

Rainforest Action Network

301 Broadway, Suite A

San Francisco, CA 94133

Global Response Newsletter

P.O. Box 7490

Boulder, CO 80306-7280

Children’s Alliance for Protection of the Environment, Inc. (CAPE)

CAPE International Office

P.O. Box 307

Austin, TX 78767

(512) 476-2273

Assessment/Evaluation: To assess this activity you could
use a rubric in which the poster and presentation would both be

Adaptation: For an extension to this activity you could
have the students write to these organizations for more information
and then share as a class. The posters could also be hung in
the hallways for the rest of the school to see.

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