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In this idea students write letters to themselves at the beginning of the year and read them at the end


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Dear ME
By – Carolyn Riffel

This lesson plan is easy and the students love it. The first day of school is tough and this gets the students talking, sharing and writing.

Provide the students with neat stationary, an envelope, pens and stickers. Explain to the students that they will be writing a letter to themselves and they will open it in June, on the last day of school.

In the body of the letter, the students will first describe themselves and how they feel on the first day of school. The next paragraph, the students will write how they would like to change this year, what they would like to improve on or what they want to know.

The students can share or keep it private depending on the content of their letter.

Have the students address the envelope to themselves, the room number and make sure the letter is dated. Allow time for the students to decorate their envelope with stickers or color it if they wish.

On the last day of school, it is so much fun to read the letters and see if the students’ plans for themselves came true.

The students will see that they have exceeded their own expectations, and feel really good about themselves.

This is a really fun lesson, and seeing the students’ faces at the end of the year, when they read their own letters, are priceless.

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