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Another French lesson idea, this one involving a French Weather Report and Dates


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – A French Weather Report
By – Michelle Garlock
Subject – Language Arts, French 
Grade Level – 9-12
The objective of this lesson is for students to correctly use the French language using weather related vocabulary, numbers, and days of the week. Students will prepare a weather forecast and present it as if they were on a television news program. The forecast must be entirely in the French language.

The class will be divided into pairs or groups of 3. Each group must prepare a weather forecast for “their” country. If the group wants to they may create a fictional country.

The following must be included in the “forecast”

a) A map – poster board size or larger
weather symbols that are a part of the map or that can be attached

b) A written script – this will be turned in and graded.
The following should be included in the forecast:
1) Begin your presentation by introducing yourself and your partner. You may include a small conversation with your partner
2) Today’s weather – including Highs/lows and the record high/low for this date sunrise/sunset times
3) Tomorrow’s weather- highs/lows, etc.
4) The weather for the next 3-5 days

c) Each student should speak in French for at least 2 minutes.
The total time for the forecast will be 4-6 minutes.

It may be helpful for the students to watch a couple of television weather reports to get an idea about what is expected of them.

Students are graded on their script and their oral presentation.
The script will be graded on correct use of grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. The oral presentation will be graded following directions and pronouncation.

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