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This Self Esteem Discussion idea uses the book “I Like Me”


Language Arts  


K, 1, 2  

Title – I Like Me
By – Betty Klein
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-2
Build self esteem and confidence in your students by reading Nancy Carlson’s book, I LIKE ME. After reading the book aloud, read and discuss each individual page orally with students. Students may then follow up group discussion by writing about themselves and comparing their experiences with the little pig in the story.
Page 1-3 – Who is the pig’s best friend? (Me) Who is your best friend?
Page 4-7 – What fun things did the little pig do with herself? What fun things do you do with yourself?
Page 8-11 – How did the little pig take care of herself? How can you take care of yourself?
Page 12 – What does pig say each morning when she looks in the mirror? (Hi, goodlooking) What will you say each morning when you look in the mirror.
Page 13-14 – What did the little pig like about herself? What do you like about yourself?
Page 15-17 – What did the pig do when she was down? What do you do when you are down?
Page 18-19 – What did the pig do when she fell down? What can you do when you fall down?
Page 21-22 – What did the pig do when she made a mistake? What can you do when you make a mistake?
Page 24-26 – What one thing did the pig say she would always remember? (I like me!) What one thing should you always remember?
Students also enjoy dividing this book into sections and reciting it as a choral reading.

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