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Asking and answering questions in Spanish is the focus of this foreign language lesson


Language Arts, Other  


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Questions and answers in a Foreign Language
By – Loly Blow
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Other
Grade Level – 7 to 12 Foreign Language
The object of this lesson is for students to recognize all the interrogative words, how to phrase questions and how to answer questions in a Foreign language.

On a different level, the students will practice listening to questions being posed in Spanish, as well as responding in the target language.

On yet another level, the students will practice orally, the vocabulary and or grammar points that they are learning, while reinforcing the vocabulary and grammar points that they have learned.

You will need sturdy paper, construction paper will do, but not black, heavy magic markers for writing, and post-it notes.

1. Fold construction paper in half.

2. On the outside write various questions using the interrogatives. Depending on what you have studied thus far. The Spanish II, III, etc… classes can always use the lower class’ questions, but not vice versa.

Some examples of questions are:

¿Cómo es la maestra de arte?

On the inside the standard response would be….

La maestra de arte es…..

On the post-it note you would write an adjective of your choice such as…

muy creativa or muy estricta

Each time this is done, the teacher can change it.

Another question could be ¿Dónde está Waldo? The response would be…. “Waldo está…. arriba de la mesa……debajo de la mesa….

Use all of the interrogatives, use questions like, ¿Qué está haciendo el director de la escuela?
¿Qué va a hacer el maestro de matemáticas el fin de semana?

You can talk about the weather.

¿Qué tiempo hace en Barcelona, España?

Hace mucho frío, calor, viento.
Está nublado, nevando, lloviendo, granizando.

¿Cuál es mi deporte favorito?
¿Cuál es mi música favorita?

The possibilities are endless.

3. The teacher will select 5 question folders and place on black board.

4. The teacher will select the first student by any means of her/his choice.

5. The student will go to the board and choose a folder by reading the questions, but not looking at the answers. Once the student has made the selection, s/he will read it to the class and the class will begin to raise their hands with their responses.

6. If a student has it almost correct, the student with the question needs to prompt the student for a more correct answer.

7. The student that gets the correct answer gets a turn at the board.

8. If time runs out, the last student to win, will be the first to go the next time.

This is great for review, for reinforcing past and present concepts, as well as getting the students to practice their oral and listening skills. The best part is they have a great time because it is a game.

The only thing you have to watch for is non participation. Some students would be content to sit there and not join in. I’ve told my students that they need to participate because they are being given a participation grade.

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