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This speech therapy lesson works on phonemic awareness, vocabulary and articulation skills


Language Arts  


K, 1  

Title – Find the Sound!
By – Kristy Castaldo
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subject –
Grade Level – K-1

Subject Area:

    Speech Therapy Session


    Phonemic Awareness/Vocabulary/Articulation


    Students will learn letter sounds and build their vocabulary.

Group Size:

    Two students in each group.


    Teacher will assign which students will be grouped together and which sounds they will work on.


    Each student will be presenting and the teacher will guide through the rest of the lesson.

Room Arrangement:

    No tables required until the children come back to share their findings at which point a small round table is required.


    Each group gets a dry/erase marker, mini dry erase board and eraser

Task Explanation:

    Review each sound that the group is working on, both production and auditory discrimination of the sound. Each 2-person group will be given the instruction to go around the classroom/the building (with teacher supervision) to find things that begin with their assigned sound. They have to write the word or draw the picture. After the teacher keeps the time, the students will come together to go over each object they found and each student will have to repeat the words.


    Successful completion of cooperative list of words/pictures that match their assigned sound.

Positive Interdependence:




Individual Accountability:

    Each student has to share their own findings that they had made on the observation.

Expected Behaviors:

    Listen to the directions/review. Find the appropriate items that start with their sound and use self-correction. All share their own items for the group.

Group Processing:

    How well did I work with my partner? Did I ask my partner for help or guidance? Did we take-turns and share responsibility?

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