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“El Supermercado” is a Spanish lesson plan that also teaches about Spanish foods and shopping


Language Arts  


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – El Supermercado
By – Joyce Gagnon
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – MS-HS, grades 6-12
To reinforce the lessons involving learning about spanish foods and shopping. While the teacher advises, this is really a student-directed activity.

Students are asked to bring in clean and empty boxes, cans, bags of food items. Once the teacher feels enough materials have been collected, students are asked to classify items as “latas,” “botes,” “bolsas,” “cajas,” “comidas congeladas,” “carnes,” etc.

Students are asked to set-up “una groceria” somewhere in the classroom. The grocery store may be set-up according to containers, whether food items are sold cold or not; however the students would like to arrange their store. Students must each prepare a list of grocery items that are to be exchanged around the classroom. Lists may include entries like “dos latas de atun” if 2 cans of tuna fish are available. The amount of items on each list will depend on the number o f items available and number of students in your classes. It’s a lot of fun to see students explore the dictionaries for items not usually offered in a textbook, like popcorn!

Once the lists are completed and collected, the teacher divides the class into “dependientes” y “clientes.” The “clientes” receive their shopping lists from t he teachers and they go shopping, asking for help form the “dependientes,” in kind. Likewise, the “dependientes” must offer help. If the teacher has any baskets from home to collect shopping items for the clientes, that makes the lesson fun and more memorable.

Students shop for the items on their lists. The teacher monitors the activity and evaluates students participation and interaction using appropriate conversation in Spanish and once the items are collected the teacher compares the list to the items in the basket to rate competency. Students then switch roles. Allow 2-3 days/ class periods for this activity. It really helps the lower students to see the higher students be “dependientes” first.

Email me to let me know how your students enjoyed this activity and any enhancements you may have made to perfect it. All comments welcome! Joyce

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