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Here’s a lesson on “Spanish Bingo”


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Spanish Bingo
By – Loly Blow
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 9-12
This is a great lesson for review. It is the same as playing Bingo, but you may call it whatever you wish and have the student call that name out when s/he wins.

You will need index cards cut in half and a container large enough to hold them and move them around.

1. Draw up a grid with 5 squares across and down, otherwise you will not have that perfect diagonal. Make sure you keep this as a permanent template on your computer. The only thing you will need to change is the word bank.

2. Give the students a word bank of the words you are currently studying, clothes, food, body parts, etc. The words can be in either all Spanish or all English, depending on what you want them to practice listening to the English and translating to Spanish or vice versa. Make sure you give them the word GRATIS, which means FREE.

3. The students must then fill out their own cards with the words from the word bank. Please ensure that the students have filled out all of the card in the off chance they might be a little sneaky.

4. You will have prepared index cards, cut in half. Each will have the English and Spanish words written on opposite sides.

5. Place the cards in a container and mix them up in. I found that this works better than just shuffling them.

6. If you decide to call the words in English, then you may as well call them out. However, if you decide to call them in Spanish, you might consider having a student call them. This would be good oral practice. You can have every student read one after you have pulled it out of the can. Or just one student can have the privilege.

7. In order to get more mileage out of the playing grids. Have the students mark the corner of the square starting with the upper left and then going all the way around. Once you decide to have a “carta llena” or full card, you can have the students mark with an X.

8. Decide in advance what the terms are for winning and let the students know.

9. Upon winning, you can have another student verify by reading the winning words off. Good oral practice.

10. The prizes can be varied. Candy for the small games and for the “carta llena” they can have a choice of a homework pass or candy bar.

This is great for review, as well as practicing those audio skills. Also, when I did this, one of my students was not in class the day those particular words had been introduced. So what I did was have her call out the words and it helped her review at the same time.

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