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In this idea, notes are exchanged with mischievous night-visiting leprechauns


Language Arts  


PreK, K, 1  

Title – Visit from the Leprechauns

By – Eileen Massarotti

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Grade Level – Pre-K-1

This lesson can last all week long and its fun!! It gets the kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day.

On Monday, before the kids arrive, mess up the classroom a little: dump a bucket of toys, scatter books around in the library area, then leave a piece of green cloth in the door or window with tiny footprints on the floor leading to where you have put the cloth. When the kids arrive in the classroom, make a big deal about the mess and who could of done it, but don’t point out the green cloth – let the kids find it!! Then talk about how the kids like to play. Do they like to play in a messy room or a clean room? As a group write a letter to the leprechauns telling them that you like your room clean when you arrive in the morning to start your day. The kids can ask the leprechauns a question like where do they live, what do the like to eat, etc.

On Tuesday through Thursday, do the same thing, but make the room messier than the day before. You could tip over some chairs, add green food coloring to the toilet (my kids love this one the best), etc. The possibilities are endless of what you can do to show your kids that the leprechauns have been there to visit your classroom.

I also wrote a letter to the kids from the leprechauns, using funny names. I just wrote that the leprechauns like making a mess, but don’t like cleaning it up. I ask the kids questions, like what do they do during the day, what are they learning about, etc.

On Friday, the room is clean and there is no mess to clean up! The leprechauns left one last final note, stating that they love visiting the room and they are sorry for making such a mess. They also say they are sorry by leaving chocolate gold coins on the table as a treat.


Eileen Massarotti


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