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Spanish Verbs are taught through dtorytelling in this collection of ideas


Language Arts  


6, 7, 8  


Title – Spanish Storytelling
By – Hector Butron
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 6 to 8
Here is a collection of ideas for teaching command-verbs in Spanish.
Focus. – Students listen to teacher utter commands in Spanish and as teacher acts out these commands, students respond by moving just like the teacher.
Students respond to commands such as: stand, walk, jump, look, sit, turn, raise your hand, lie down, run, bark, throw, read, drink, etc.
Teach commnds in blocks of three.
Spend plenty of time teaching all words and commands until all students respond to commands without hesitation.
Test students in groups of three, as a group, as a group with their eyes closed, or reverse roles and have students give commands to each other.
Use commands and words taught to tell students a story in Spanish.
Have students act out story.
Tell story several times, changing it slightly each time.
Include students’ names in the story as it is told.
Students draw story as teacher draws it on the overhead or board. (teach the command-verb DRAW)
Students write story in a journal as teacher writes the story on overhead.
Continue with exercises such as fill in the blank, true false, questions about story, write story from drawings to assess comprehension and stimulate students to think in Spanish.

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