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The Most Dangerous Murder Trial


Language Arts  



Title – The Most Dangerous Murder Trial
By – Brooke Burks
Primary Subject – Language Arts

Grade Level – 9

“The Most Dangerous Murder Trial”

Objective: Students will interpret information from the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” to help them prove the innocence or guilt of Sangor Rainsford.

1. After reading “The Most Dangerous Game,” divide students into groups: The prosecution, defense, witnesses, and jury. You could also include a judge (or you be the judge) and a bailiff.

2. The prosecution and defense will determine who the witnesses are and design questions to ask them. The witnesses must be knowledgeable of the parts their characters play in the story (they could be captives on the island or Rainsford’s friend Whitney). The jury will listen closely to each side and draw a two-column chart: one side for guilt, one side for innocence.

3. The trial will proceed like that of a normal court hearing. At the end, the jury decides if Rainsford is justified in his killing of Zaroff or not.

For the students who actually paid attention and read the story, this is a fun activity.

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