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This foreign language class Verbal Participation Rubric works for other subjects as well


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Verbal Participation Rubric
By – Loly Blow
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –  
Grade Level – 9-12

This Verbal Participation Rubric is for foreign language classes, but it works well in any class where verbal participation is encouraged.

Goal: Students will be able to speak in the target language.

Objective: Students will engage in everyday conversations with classmates and teacher, ask questions, and respond to questions using target language

ORAL ASSESSMENT: Students will be required to have five meaningful verbal exchanges per day in order to earn 5 points. Once these five points are earned, students will not be required to speak. However, if the student chooses to speak, it must be in the target language, otherwise they will lose points earned. Student cannot continuously go back and forth between English and Spanish/French/etc. without consent of teacher. Once the five points are lost, the student can only make up lost points during the teacher’s free periods or after school.

The goal is to earn 5 points per day for a total of 25 per week. At the end of the week, teacher will tally score for the entire week and this will be their Verbal Participation grade.


5 points x 5 days  =   25 points     25/25 = 100%
    20 points   20/25 = 80%  

If the student is absent for a day, they must make up their requirements on the day they return, or during the teacher’s free periods or after school. Choosing not to will affect their grade.

Students can earn speaking points outside of class if other teachers “catch” them speaking target language and advise language teacher either by e-mail, or by writing a note for student.

Language teacher will allow 5 minutes at the beginning of class and 5 minutes at the end of class in order to allow students to speak target language. Language teacher should encourage students to speak amongst themselves, while teacher walks around and checks them off.

It has been my experience that students will ask about how to say something in particular and this can be a good opportunity to reinforce grammar rules in context with what they are saying.

Verbal Participation will be counted as a weekly test grade.

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