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This lesson utilizes websites to help students overcome performance anxiety and deliver an effective speech


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – What Can I Say?
By – Bobbie Gale Bonds
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 9 – 12
Submitted by: Bobbie Gale Bonds
Grade Level: High School/College Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students


  1. Determine and narrow the topic of a speech to define its purpose.
  2. Research and take notes to locate and organize information for a speech.
  3. Write note cards or an outline for a speech and use these to rehearse.
  4. Determine how to overcome performance anxiety to deliver an effective speech.
  5. Evaluate one’s own speech and speeches of classmates to demonstrate an understanding of the techniques of effective speakers.


On-line activity sheet, note cards, computer (internet) access, posters, printer, markers, etc., for illustrations as needed.


After a brief explanation of the necessity of being able to speak well in front of people (as teachers, parents, students, of business persons), present web worksheets to use to guide students through the following topics: Speech Anxiety, Topics, Research, Organizing a Speech, Reading and Memorizing a Speech. The end result will be individual speeches given to the class.

Internet Sites:

Student Web Work Procedure:

Individual work, for individual speeches, but team work for practice and feedback for final speeches will be encouraged.


Students will learn and practice the art of making presentations before individuals and groups.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Students will give a 5-minute presentation/speech about a topic chosen by the student and the teacher. Students will give feedback to each other about the speeches, as will the teacher for each student. Students will also self-assess their presentations, with a goals list for future presentations.

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