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Here is a lesson on past and past participial forms of irregular verbs


Language Arts  


10, 11, 12  

Title – Irregular Verbs
Forming past participle
By – Jennifer Neff
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 10-12

Learning Outcomes: (a. WV CSO b. Learning Outcome)

      1.a. RLA 10.2.9 correct errors in timed and untimed writing in organization, content, usage, mechanics and spelling revision and editing strategies

      1b. Students will recognize and familiarize themselves with the most common irregular verbs and how to form past perfect participle with them.
      2.a. RLA 10.2.19 use correct verb tense by recognizing appropriate situations for tense shifts

    2.b. Students will identify and explain time frames in sentences to help them understand why certain tenses were used.

Assessment Plans

      Pre-assessment: Review principal parts of verb forms. Discuss time frames in which they occur. State that some verbs do not follow common pattern of making a verb in past and past participial forms. Ask students to name any irregular verbs they can think of.
    Outcome assessment plan: Students should realize that irregular verbs must be memorized because there is no specific common rule to make past and past participial forms, unlike most verbs. Students will be using irregular verbs in a piece of writing for their magazine publication.

Instructional Design

      Introduction: Ask students if they are able to list any irregular verbs. Give them a list of most common irregular verbs.
      Procedural Steps:

      • Inform students about verbs and their different tenses.
      • Write groups of sentences on flip chart.
      • Have students pick out which verbs are irregular and which aren’t.
      • Do irregular verb worksheet together in class. Focus on forming past perfect participle.
        Forming past participle
      • Play memory game, having students list principal parts of irregular verbs. (Teams of 4–each writes a sentence for each principal part)
      • Play race game at board using past and past participial forms of irregular verbs.

    Closing: Have students list as many irregular verbs as possible. No homework for the two with the most on their lists.

Extended Activities: Offer bonus points for an essay using as many irregular verbs as the students can.

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