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Students use pasta to punctuate character trait quotations in this fun lesson


Language Arts  


3, 4  


Title – Pasta Punctuation
By – Keri V.
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-4

Lesson Objective: The students will demonstrate correct usage of quotation marks, commas and periods when writing dialogue. They will also be able to write sentences that show character traits.


      Sentence strips


      Pencils, markers




    Elbow macaroni


      After the students have learned about character traits, have them write a statement on a sentence strip that tells a trait about them.

Example: David is friendly.

      Next, the children will write a quote on another sentence strip that tells something David might say that shows he is friendly.

For example: David said, “Come and sit with me.” —

      This quote shows the trait of friendliness.
    Direct the students to place the commas and quotes in the correct places. After they write the sentence in pencil and the teacher checks it, the students will glue elbow macaroni where the comma and quotes are.


    I made various sentence strips with quotes from a novel we were reading in class without including the comma or quotes. The children had to glue macaroni on the correct places to show commas and quotes. The lesson can be done this way also!

I also kept this activity in the class all year as a game they play in their free time! (It was reusable, with no glue!)

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