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This Spelling Relay Game could be used in PE and a variety of grade levels


Language Arts, P.E. & Health  


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Spelling Games
By – Jamie Rhodes
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – grades 2-8
This is a simple game that makes learning to spell words fun. Add On Relay:

Materials: marker board or chalk board, and markers or chalk.

Directions: Students are divided into 2 teams. The students need to stand in a single file line. The teacher calls out a word. The first student in each line walks to the board and writes the first letter of the word, the student gives the marker to the next student and then they write the next letter, this continues until the word is spelled. Students can only write one letter at a time. The first team to correctly spell the word gets a point. If a student puts an incorrect letter in the word, then next student that sees that it is wrong erases the incorrect letter and replaces it with the correct letter. This would be considered that student’s turn. Continue until the week’s word list has been completed. I give each team a treat after playing.

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