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Phonics and Writing


Language Arts  



Title – Phonics and Writing
By – Christopher A. Moore
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Objectives- To help the students in sounding out words and writing.

Materials- picture tiles or picture cut-outs (e.g. the pictures might be of apples, whales, etc…), writing paper, crayons and pencils

Procedure- I did this activity with a small group of children during our center time activities. Give each child a piece of writing paper. The paper should have a place for the children to draw pictures as well as write words. Arrange the various pictures cut-outs or tiles that you have chosen on the table. The children each choose about five pictures that they like. They must then try to write the name of each of the pictures that they choose. After they have finished their writing, they can draw pictures to go with the ones they choose to sound out. I did this activity in December rather than in the beginning of the year. Most of my students handled it well. If you want they can then share their work with each other. Also you can have the children cut and paste their pictures rather than having them use crayons if you like. Good luck with this. Have fun!

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