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Pipe Cleaner Spelling


Language Arts  


K, 1  

Title – Pipe Cleaner Spelling
By – Renea Magnani
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-1

5 Step Lesson Plan- Pipe Cleaner Spelling

Lesson Vitals:
1. Topic of Lesson: Language Arts
2. Objective: Students will manipulate pipe cleaners to spell name (K) and spelling words (1). (Shapes and numbers if time permits.)
3. Materials: Prepared name or words to model, pre-cut pipe cleaners.
4. Key vocabulary: Shape, measure, spell, correct.
5. Grade Level: K-1

Step 1- Anticipatory Set:
1. Focus: Show students a name/word that has been prepared as an example.
2. Objective: Student’s will have a “hand’s on” approach to spelling and better learn to spell/write their name/words.
3. Transfer from previous lesson: Discuss yarn art project that was previously done in class (all students’ shaped and glued their names.)

Step 2 – Instruction:
1. Model the skill: Teacher will model how to choose the proper length and shape the pipe cleaner appropriately.
2. Check for understanding: Give a piece of pipe cleaner to student’s to let them explore.

Step 3 – Guided Practice
1. Teacher will provide name/words in written form as an outline.
2. Teacher will work individually with students needing assistance.

Step 4 – Closure / Review:
1. Review: Upon completion of work students will discuss areas of difficulty/ease. Show each other’s work.

Step 5 – Independent Practice-
1. Students will practice this skill at another time during centers.

Evaluation: Teacher considers areas which students had difficulty and address these at a later center.

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