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This Reading lesson is on Predicting, Understanding, and Fluency


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Probably Passage
By – Jamie Rettke
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-5

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Title : Probably Passage

Topic : Predicting (Reading)

State Standards :

·         State Goal 1: Read with understanding and fluency.

·         Learning Standard B: Apply reading strategies to improve understanding and fluency.

·         Leaning Benchmark 1.B.2a: Establish a purpose for reading; survey materials; ask questions; make predictions; connect, clarify, and extend ideas.

Objectives : When asked, the students will be able to:

1.       Identify 10 pre-selected words as various parts of the story, including setting, character, problem, solution, and ending.

2.       Create their own story using identified words to make a prediction about an upcoming story.

Procedures :

1.       This activity should take place before reading the story or introduction of any vocabulary words.

2.       Students will be given a worksheet entitled “Can You Predict the Story?”  The worksheet is divided into five sections: Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution, and Ending.  Ten pre-selected words will be given to the students.  They must then use thinking skills to decide where the words may fit into the story.  The words may be placed in any of the five columns, but may not be repeated in more than one column. 

3.       Once students have entered each of the words into a column, they are to create their own short story.  This story will serve as a prediction to the upcoming story.  Students should be allowed adequate time to use creativity in their creations.

4.       After students have completed their writing of the short story, all or some may be read to the class.  Explain to the students that they have just made a prediction about the story they are about to read.  They should try to keep some of these predictions in mind while reading to see which, if any were correct. 

Can You Predict the Story?







Your story predictions :





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