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Here the process of elimination method for solving multiple choice and vocabulary questions is introduced


Language Arts  


3, 4  

Title – Strategy for New Vocabulary and Multiple Choice Questions
By – Maria Salvador
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-4


    Using pictures and the process of elimination, students will be able to figure out the definitions of new words and then transfer strategy to multiple choice questions.


  • magnetic clips to hang up pictures
  • pictures of new vocabulary words
  • magnetic chalkboard or whiteboard


  1. “Today we will be reading pp.10-14 in Aunt Flossie’s Hats . Before we begin, we will be going over some new vocabulary that we will be coming across on these pages.”
  2. Teacher then points out vocabulary words that have already been written on the board prior to the lesson (trillion, sniffed, smoky, terrapin). “Who can read a word for me?” Teacher gets volunteers to read/decode the new words.
  3. “Now, who can tell me the meanings of these words?” After several volunteers have been unable to give the definition of terrapin, the teacher tells the students that they will be learning a new strategy that will help them figure it out.
  4. The teacher directs the students to the photos that have been hanging backwards on the board. As the teacher turns each photo over one-by-one, the students are directed to match each word with its picture. Finally, the terrapin (turtle) is flipped over and students are able to match the word with the picture through process of elimination.
  5. The teacher then gets the students to verbally explain how they figured out what terrapin meant. The teacher then explains how the same strategy can be used when answering multiple choice questions.

Follow up:

    Class will help write a strategy card to be posted and referred to throughout the day when applicable.

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