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This lesson is on punctuation marks and their use in oral reading


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Developing expression and fluency through recognition of punctuation
By – Grace Jones
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Grade 3-6
This lesson can be used in a whole-class situation or in small reading groups.


To help students recognize the importance of punctuation marks and what they are used for, so that their fluency and expression in oral reading will improve.


Any grade level reading text or other book, where each child has access to a copy. A story with lots of dialogue and a variety of sentence and paragraph types is ideal.


Choose a passage which you will read aloud to the group. Read once, with proper expression.
Next, have students identify all the types of punctuation in the passage and make sure they know the name of each mark.
Then have a student read the words, while another student says only the names of the punctuation marks. This forces the reader to attend to where the marks are and wait for the partner to identify them.
If there are a large number of quotations, have one student read narrative, one identify punctuation by naming it, and another one read only words inside quotation marks.
Discuss proper expression for each mark and have students model together.
You may want to let several students practice this before closing the activity.
The last reading should be by one student, using proper expression, without having the punctuation identified.
Use a small section of a story occasionally to do this exercise. Then continue with your regular oral reading and evaluate how well the students are learning to attend to the punctuation.

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