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A lesson plan on Quotations


Language Arts  



   Language Arts:  Direct and Indirect Quotations
by:  Diane Perigin

OBJECTIVE: The students will differentiate between direct and indirect qoutations.

PROCEDURE: The teacher will write the words to make up a sentence on diferent pieces of paper (1 word per page).

The teacher will also have pieces of paper with different punctuation marks, including quotation marks.

The teacher will ask for volunteers to take a piece of paper. The students will then look at their word or punctuation mark and line up in the correct order so as to make the sentence make sense.

The rest of the class will then read the sentence aloud and determine if the sentence is in correct order, and whether or not it is a direct or indirect quotation. If it is a direct quotation, then two stidents will need a sheet of paper with a quotation mark on it. They will then need to place themselves in the correct position in the sentence.

	plain paper

This activity is also good in determining what your students know about sentence structure.

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