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A Reading lesson on the story “Sarah, Plain and Tall”


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Reading – Sarah, Plain and Tall
By – Renee Dye
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 2-4

For each student to be able to read and understand, “Sarah, Plain and Tall.”
They will also be able to discuss and summarize. Each student will contribute to group discussions. Each student will seek the ideas and opinions of others. Each student will begin to use evidence to support opinions. Each student will read historical fiction. Each student will formulate questions that might be answered in the selection. Each student will summarize what has been read.
S.O.L. 4.1 a, b, c, d, 4.5 b, f, 4.7 a, b, 4.3 b, 4.8 a, b, c, d, 4.4

Introductory Activity:
Write on the board Katherine, small, and funny, ask the students to explain. Have them predict from the name of the title who, what, where, when, and how?

Lesson Delivery:
-Ask the students about previous knowledge of ” Little House on the Prairie.”(Discuss)
-Read and Introduce story, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”
-Discuss vocabulary words: hearthstone, slab, troublesome, dusk, homely, horrid, wretched, prairie, energetic, cruel, feisty, harshly, housekeeper, pesky, whistle
-Summarize what is read and discuss each chapter
-Discuss and predict what will happen next in the book
-Ask the students to put words in sentences orally

Application Activity:
Have each child draw a picture of what they think life in Sarah’s time would have been like.

Book: “Sarah, Plain and Tall”
Education Center Packet for “Sarah, Plain and Tall”
Pencil and Paper
Markers, Colored Pencils, and Paper

Each child will be evaluated on its summaries and artwork from this book.

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