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If a goofy female horse is a “Silly Filly,” then a wet canine is a ____ _____


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Rhyming Riddles
By – Ryla Pollan
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-8

Students have fun coming up with these rhyming riddles!


      * construction paper

    * markers


      1. With younger students, you may have to teach / review rhyming words before doing this activity. Challenge students to come up with rhyming answers / riddles.

      2. Give them a couple of examples – then watch the fun begin as they get involved in this fun writing activity.

      3. Some examples include:

        * A Goofy Female Horse – SILLY FILLY

        * A Tired Flower – LAZY DAISY

        * An Out-of-Control Kid – WILD CHILD

        * A Wet Canine – SOGGY DOGGY

        * A Damp Animal Friend – WET PET

      4. Fold the construction paper in half.

      5. Write the riddle on the front (A Goofy Female Horse).

      6. On the inside, write the answer (Silly Filly).

    7. Hang them on the hall bulletin board. Students and teachers alike will enjoy reading the riddles and trying to come up with the answers before peeking under the fold to see the correct answer!

After coming up with one, the ideas just keep flowing, and the students don’t want to stop!

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