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Introducing Huck Finn


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Introducing Huck Finn
By – Karen Foster
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 9+

Introducing Huck Finn

Objective: Students will recognize the satire in Mark Twain’s writing

Assignment: The night before the lesson, tape Jay Leno or David Lettermen late night shows. Be sure and edit parts that are not school appropriate. Play about 20 minutes of the show. Before showing, discuss with the students satire and components of satire: irony, humor, etc. Have the students find as many social or political issues that these late night hosts are using satire on. When introducing Huck Finn, discuss the social and political issues that were facing the nation when Mark Twain wrote the book. Students comprehend the novel much better if they understand the humor.

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