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Balloon Journey


Language Arts  


4, 5  

Title – Balloon Journey
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 4-5

Unit contents:

Subject: Reading Day 5

Illinois State Goals:
1. Read with understanding and fluency
3. Write to communicate for a variety of purposes

Instructional Objective:
Students will complete the novel and perform a culminating activity similar to the ending of the novel; one that will incorporate something they’ve learned through reading the book. They will complete a Balloon Journey tag, attach it to a helium balloon and do a balloon launch.

* Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White
* helium balloons
* Balloon Journey tags

Anticipatory Set:
* I will begin the discussion by explaining that today we will complete the novel we’ve been reading for the past week
* I will explain that we will perform a fun activity that is similar to the ending of the book
* I will call on children to use their predicting skills to volunteer ideas about what we might be doing

1. Students will take turns reading pages of the book until we have completed pp. 144-184.
2. I will call on students who want to guess what the fun activity may be. I will tell them that it has something to do with the book. Does that help you to guess what the fun activity might be?
3. I will unveil the balloons (they will be hidden in some way in or out of the room) and explain that we will be filling out tags that explain who we are, attach them to helium balloons, and send them on a Balloon Journey. I will ask students how this reminds them of the ending of the book.
4. I will hand out the tags and instruct children to fill them out. I will put my own tag on the overhead for them to use as an example. Children will complete their tags and I will help them attach them to balloons.
5. We will go outside as a class and launch our balloons.

Cassie (LD)- I will return her sheet of facts that she learned about spiders so she can remember a fact to write.

* I will explain to the class that some lucky students will receive response letters from the people who find their balloons.
* I will unveil a United States map and explain that we will use this to pinpoint where our balloons are found.

Students will be evaluated on their participation in the class reading, and by the fact that they completed their balloon tags correctly.

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