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Favorite Parts in Charolotte’s Web


Language Arts  


4, 5  

Title – Favorite Parts in Charolotte’s Web
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 4-5

Unit contents:

Subject: Writing

Illinois State Goals: 1. Read with understanding and fluency
2. Read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras, and ideas
3. Write to communicate for a variety of purposes
4. Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations

Instructional Objective:
Students will consider the book, Charlotte’s Web, and describe their favorite event in the book in one paragraph of at least eight sentences.

* Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White
* writer’s notebooks

Anticipatory Set:
* I will ask the children to name some of their favorite books. Why is this your favorite movie? What stands out to you in this movie? Do you have a favorite part? What about a favorite book? Can you think of any favorite parts of any good books?
* I will ask students to explain their favorite parts of movies or books to children to might not have seen the movie or read the book.

1. I will ask the children if the descriptions are clear. I will ask other children to add to other children’s’ descriptions to make them better or clearer.
2. I will ask them what details they think are necessary to give a clear description. I will write these ideas on the board.
3. I will instruct to take out their writer’s notebooks and open them to the first blank page. I will instruct students to consider what we talked about and to write a clear description of their favorite part of the book, Charlotte’s Web. I will stress that these descriptions must be at least eight sentences long. They may use the book to give them ideas.
4. Students will be given twenty minutes to write their paragraphs. Then, I will ask students to volunteer to read their paragraphs aloud. They may call on classmates who have information to add

Cassie (LD)- Cassie will have the same assignment, only she will be instructed to write four sentences instead of eight.

* I will ask students if they heard any new descriptive words today that they haven’t heard before, or that they haven’t thought of. I will stress to students that it is important to use detail to describe events in order to give others a clear understanding of what you are talking about.
* I will ask students to return to their desks and to put their notebooks away.

Students will be evaluated on their written paragraphs. They must have at least eight sentences, and they must describe an event in the book.

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