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Predicting with Charlotte’s Web


Language Arts  


4, 5  

Title – Predicting with Charlotte’s Web
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 4-5

Unit contents:

Subject: Reading Day 3

Illinois State Goals:
1. Read with understanding and fluency
3. Write to communicate for a variety of purposes

Instructional Objective:
After reading the third selection from the book, students will use their prediction skills to prepare five questions and answers about what may happen in the rest of the story.

* Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White
* butcher paper
* markers

Anticipatory Set:
* I will ask students questions about what they’ve read, such as: What type of spider is Charlotte? What type of web does she weave? What is interesting about a spider’s body? What do spiders eat? etc.
* I will tell students to pay close attention to what we read today because they will need to use it for the activity that will follow.

1. I will explain to students that, instead of reading the novel, today we will be watching a video that shows the words on the bottom of the screen.
2. I will show a video that illustrates the novel and displays the words on the screen as well. We will read and watch pp. 66-104.
3. After watching the video, I will ask if any of the students knew some of the events that would happen in today’s portion of the reading. Why did they think this? What happened yesterday to show us what would happen today?
4. I will explain to children that this is called prediction: when we guess what will happen next based on what has already happened. I will ask the children if they have any ideas what might happen tomorrow. Why do they think so?
5. Students will be instructed to prepare at least five questions about what might happen in the rest of the book.
6. After they have finished, students will pair up with a classmate and answer each other’s questions creatively
7. Each pair will choose their best question/answer pair and write it on the butcher paper taped to the front board.
8. Students can go up to the board and read their classmate’s work.

Cassie (LD)- She will write down only three questions, and tell me the remaining two, verbally.
After finding answers to the three questions from her classmates, she may find a friend who has finished to help her choose one to write on the board.

* I will allow students to walk around and look at their classmates’ work.
* I will ask students to take their seats and encourage them to pick out their favorite pairs.
* I will ask if they think any of them are correct predictions.

I will check to be sure that students have completed at least five question/answer pairs. I will evaluate them based on creativity.

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