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Here’s a Seasons Book idea


Art, Language Arts, Science  


K, 1  

By – B.A.
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Science, Art
Grade Level – K-1
Topic: “Seasons”

Vocabulary Objective: Categorize pictures by the names of the seasons they illustrate.

          chalkboard (or large paper)
          “Seasons” by Michael Medearis
          drawing paper
          coloring utensils


1. Read “Seasons” by Michael Medearis (in Anthology, pgs. 16-33). Ask “Does anyone know what season it is now? What are some things that you see that tell you what season it is? What are some things that would tell you if it was winter, spring, summer?”

2. Write the word “seasons” on the board. Ask students if they can name all the seasons. As they name, write them on the board clockwise around “seasons”. Tell students that their job today is to draw a picture of their favorite season to place on the board in the right category. They also need to come up with a sentence that describes their picture.

3. Allow students time to color and write. Observe and monitor as needed.

4. When students are finished coloring, have 2 at a time place their pictures underneath the appropriate category on the board.

Allow students a chance to explain what it is that makes their picture belong in that season.

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