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In “Poppin’ Corn,” students use descriptive language, inventive spelling and their five senses


Language Arts, Science  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Poppin’ Popcorn
By – Michele Lish
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – K-3


    For this lesson, children will use descriptive language and Inventive Spelling techniques as they compare corn kernels to popped corn.


    Writing, Reading, Spelling, Science


  1. The students will gain an awareness of how inventive spelling can be used when writing,
  2. will use their five senses as they engage in language associated with corn kernels and popped corn,
  3. will apply some inventive spelling techniques as they work on their “after popping” webs, and
  4. will compare differences in corn kernels before and after popping.


  • chart paper with “after popping” web,
  • magic markers,
  • air popper,
  • corn kernels,
  • electrical outlet,
  • Ziploc bags,
  • writing paper,
  • pencils,
  • cups, and
  • napkins


  1. The teacher will shake the hidden jar of corn kernels, asking the children to use
    their sense of hearing to help them identify the object.
  2. The children will be directed to a meeting area.
  3. The children will be asked to name the other four senses as the teacher displays
    each sense written on an index card.
  4. The children will each receive a bag of corn kernels and be asked to use their
    senses as they explore the kernels.
  5. The teacher will model the use of inventive spelling strategies, before recording
    their response onto the “before popping” web.
  6. The students will help the teacher read the web.
  7. The teacher will explain that the children will need to use various senses as the
    kernels are placed in the air popper. Safety issues will be discussed.
  8. The teacher will display an “after popping” web asking the children to orally share descriptive words to describe the popped corn. The students will be
    prompted to use inventive spelling.
  9. The students will be asked to return to their seats.
  10. Each child will receive a cup of popcorn and an “after popping” web
  11. Students will be encouraged to use inventive spelling in their writing.
  12. Students will be given the option to expand their web words by creating and recording sentences in the space provided.
  13. Students will share their responses with a partner, if time allows.
  14. Students will be asked to read their web to someone at home.


      The students will be evaluated by their participation in the activity and


    their word webs evidencing an awareness of the use of inventive spelling.

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