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This lesson builds familiarity with reference sources by researching night creatures (good for Halloween)


Language Arts, Science  


5, 6  

Title – Night Creatures
By – Donna Mullins
Subject – Language Arts, Science
Grade Level – 5-6
Objective: Students will become familiar with reference sources.

Students will be introduced to Books in Print, Readers’ Guide to Periodicals (local High School librarian provided copies for our classroom) encyclopedias, atlas, and world almanac. Each will be discussed about what can be found in each; examples will be used and modeled. The students will look up information just to get familiar with the format of each source.

Since it is Halloween, students will choose a nocturnal animal. Questions will be developed by teacher for a Scavenger Hunt to be used at our local library. The librarian will give a tour of library; especially the reference sources. Students will use the sources to find answers for their particular night creature Scavenger Hunt. This will give a purpose for using the reference sources.

Back in class, students will share what they found out about their creature. They can share from magazine articles and/or books about their creature and where to locate them on a map.
They will then write about their creature.

For a bulletin board display, students will draw their creature’s eyes on black paper using the gel pens and the information written will be behind the eyes. Of course, this can be connected to science.

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